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Establish and operationalize Africa Climate Security initiative (ClimSec-Africa)

DaleAgro was contracted to establish and launch ClimSec-Africa as an initiative of PACJA and partners to fill the conspicuous gap for a Pan-African-led institution to lead in mobilizing evidence and driving the climate security agenda for Africa. ClimSec-Africa will realize its vision of eliminating the impact of climate change on human security in Africa’s vulnerability hotspots by working towards three strategic objectives across its programming, namely: the generation of knowledge and innovations for wide-scale adoption towards; strengthening capacities of individuals and institutions operating in climate security hotspots and promoting engagement citations and policymakers for greater impact. Our main objective was to establish and mobilize the Africa Climate Security Initiative (ClimSec Africa) at PACJA as a vehicle for ameliorating the impact of climate change on human security in vulnerability hotspots in Africa. Our main role included representation, stakeholder engagement, knowledge generation, and resource mobilization. Other specific tasks included:

Duration Jan 2023 to June 2023